I wasn't aware there was money

out there for me. Thank you for

being honest and helping me get the

money it came fast just when  I

needed it. 


ICR is a reputable company with

the highest integrity. I was somewhat

suspicious at first. The speed and

recovery of this company  is nothing but

honest and all above  board.

Patricia P., ARIZONA

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Recently, my church got an email from an unknown

CPA firm asking them to sign over a Power of Attorney

to collect on an unclaimed amount of money. I

contacted Tiffany Coffey, who I knew had knowledge of collecting unclaimed monies and she was quick to respond. Tiffany helped me

out and my church was able to claim the money left behind in

someone’s will that they were unaware and the story had a happy ending. Thank you Tiffany Coffey for your prompt response and professional handling of the matter.  Chris H., FLORIDA

Institutional Capital Recovery, LLC is a BBB Accredited Unclaimed Funds Retrieval Service in Kennesaw, GA

ICR is a highly professional

company, and I was very happy

with how they handled my claim. I got

my money in 4 weeks.

Isabel P., ARIZONA

Excellent follow

through. Always


Karen M., California

I was kept informed regularly

on the process and progress of

this transaction. The follow-up was

also excellent. The rate  of the check

delivery  was accurate.