Institutional Capital Recovery, LLC is a BBB Accredited Unclaimed Funds Retrieval Service in Kennesaw, GA


No. A Collection Agency is calling to collect from you, when we contact you we have located money that has become unclaimed that you are entitled to. 


We go through great lengths to locate individuals. We use forensic software that was developed for locating individuals. We also search public records such as voter registrations, telephone directories, driver's records, birth and death certificates, change of address filings, marriage and divorce filings and military registers as well as genealogical and historical records. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started? 

Once we speak with you, we send a mobile notary to you to have the agreements signed. The agreements outline all terms and conditions and allow Institutional Capital Recovery and our attorney to act on your behalf in recovering your unclaimed funds. 

How long will the process take? 

The process varies depending on the state and the complexity of your claim. Typically the claims process can take between 30 days to 6 months to complete once the claim is filed. Each state has laws that mandate the release of these assets; therefore the length of time is dictated by state laws. Remember, we operate on a contingency-fee basis and require no payment until your assets are returned, so it is in our best interest to move as quickly as possible. 

Will I be required to show up in court?

No. Our attorney will represent you in court and you will also receive a letter or call from the attorney for your case.

What protections are in place to ensure that I will receive the money that I am entitled to?

All transactions are done through a reputable attorney who is in good standing with the Bar Association of the state where the funds are located. The attorney handles all the funds for your claim and will pay you directly.

Is there a time limit to claim any lost or unclaimed funds? 

Every claim is different, and asset holders are regulated by state laws. Many states will hold the funds for a certain time allowing the client to recover the funds. After a certain time period these funds can become escheated which may exhaust your ability to claim. When we locate assets and contact potential claimants, we inform them of any relevant claims deadlines.

Can I claim these assets on my own? 

Yes you can!  However the process of locating and claiming assets is challenging and can be time consuming.  We've found that even people who have located assets on their own give up in frustration because the process is often convoluted and confusing. We have perfected the process and built solid relationships with asset holders and have the most experienced attorneys than can help you recover assets faster, while avoiding unnecessary expenses and possible mistakes. 

What happens if I don't do anything?

If you choose to take no action, after a certain time period the asset will remain unclaimed and become escheated to the state or other entity, which may exhaust your ability to be able to claim.

How does Institutional Capital Recovery make money? 

We work on a contingency-fee basis with all terms spelled out in a written contract signed by Institutional Capital Recovery and you. We advance all expenses incurred in the claims process, so you pay no upfront costs. Once assets are recovered, the attorney will deduct the agreed upon amount in our written contract and pay us and the pay the remainder to you. Finally, in the uncommon instance that we are unable to recover your assets, we absorb all expenses and you owe nothing.

Is this a scam? 

No if we have contacted you we have found money for you and this is a service we offer to help you recover the funds. Please “BE AWARE” there are companies out there that will try to charge clients enormous amounts of money. Every state has a “Cap” as to what a company can charge. At Institutional Capital Recovery we will be glad to provide you the statue for the state your claim is in as we pride ourselves on working above board and being honest.